Crime Report: Burglary on Hillwood Avenue

A building was burglarized along Hillwood Avenue in this week’s Crime Report.

Larceny from Building, E Broad St, April 6, 1:44 PM, items of value were taken from a locked locker.

Stolen Vehicle, W Broad St, between March 30, 3 PM and April 7, 3 PM, a vehicle was stolen from a parking garage.

Identity Theft, W Columbia St, April 8, 2:02 PM, an incident of identity theft was reported.

Drunk in Public, False ID, E Columbia St, April 8, 7:39 PM, 28 year old African American male of Hyattsville, MD, was arrested for being Drunk in Public and Providing False Identification to a Police Officer.

Commercial Burglary, Hillwood Ave, April 10, 02:26 AM, three unknown suspects shattered a glass door to a business and took items of value. Investigation continues.

Larceny Shoplifting, S Washington St. April 10, 3:06 PM, an incident of shoplifting was reported. Investigation continues.

Drunkenness (DIP), Trespassing, James Ct, April 11, 5:41 PM, 36 year old white female of Falls Church, was arrested for appearing drunk in public.