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F.C. City Competes In Local Fitness Challenge

The City of Falls Church, along with Fairfax City and the Town of Vienna, are hosting the first Mayors’ Fitness Challenge, which kicks off April 3 and goes until May 29. The three municipalities are coming together to get citizens involved in a healthy competition to determine the Most Fit City/Town of 2021.

Interested participants can walk, bike, hike, practice yoga, play in the park — there are multiple opportunities to take part in the event.

Participants are encouraged to round up their family, friends and co-workers who live in these areas to join in on the fun. (Due to Covid-19, event organizers recommend individual workouts, or with those in a family/bubble, or outdoor workouts following physical distancing guidelines).

During this eight week competition, everyone will participate by keeping track of their minutes of physical activity, which will be tallied up at the end by each jurisdiction to see who will be named “Most Fit Community.”

Pre-registration is required, but there is no deadline to register.

Participants can register at any time during the competition at the following links:

Fairfax City —…/Activity_Search/13790

City of Falls Church — Activity Number: 230001-1

Town of Vienna — Activity Number: 453701-A1

All participants are encouraged to practice social distancing and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines while exercising outside of the home.

For additional resources and suggestions visit the CDC’s website.