2024-05-25 12:44 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Northam Relaxes Some Indoor Gathering Limits

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam this Tuesday announced some limited increases in social gathering limits, from 10 to 50 for indoor gatherings, and from 25 to 100 for outdoor gatherings.

Entertainment and public amusement venues will remain at 30 percent occupancy, but the cap for indoor venues will increase from 250 to 500 persons, and the cap for outdoor gatherings will be removed.

Recreational sporting event spectators will increase from 25 to 100 indoors, and from 250 to 500 outdoors, and remain limited at 30 percent capacity. Graduations and commencements will be limited to 500 persons indoors and 5,000 persons outdoors, as previously announced.

Other safety guidelines, already in effect, include dining establishments, with the on-site sale, consumption, and possession of alcohol permitted until midnight.

All restaurants, dining establishments, food courts, breweries, microbreweries, distilleries, wineries, and tasting rooms must be closed between midnight and 5 a.m.

Overnight summer camps will be able to open this summer with strict mitigation measures in place. Registration can begin now.

Eligible for vaccines now (pending registration) are public transit workers (does not include airline workers, such as pilots, flight crews and ground crews) and mail carriers and the next two priority groups of frontline essential workers in Phase 1b as outlined by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH).

Fairfax Health is now accepting registrations for the eight categories on this list: Police, fire, and hazmat (currently eligible), corrections and homeless shelter workers (currently eligible), childcare/K-12 teachers or staff (currently eligible), food and agriculture workers (currently eligible), manufacturing workers (currently eligible), grocery store workers (currently eligible), public transit workers (currently eligible), mail carriers (USPS and private) (currently eligible), not to include officials needed to maintain continuity of government, clergy/faith leaders, janitorial/cleaning staff.





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