Letters to the Editor: Let’s See How 1st Founders Row Goes Before Starting 2nd

Letters to the Editor: March 25 – 31, 2021

Let’s See How 1st Founders Row Goes Before Starting 2nd


Before we jump and give permission for the building of the 2nd Phase of Founders Row would it not be wise to wait and see how Phase 1 effects the neighborhood? Do the apartments rent quickly? Are the schools impacted? Is traffic impacted? Is area parking impacted ? Do we get the commercial space that was envisioned? What the builders promised/foresaw is not always the actual outcome.

As for the commercial space for Phase 2 which will be 97 percent residential, do we need another drugstore, another 7-Eleven, more dry cleaners? And if allowed, what benefit is this to the rest of us in the area?

Eileen Bogdanoff

Falls Church

F.C. School Board Disregards Citizens & ‘Cancels’ History


The School Board of Falls Church should now be recognized as the proud sponsors of the principles of the new Quasi-Democracy.

The principles of democracy rely upon the wisdom and will of the majority of voters on subjects upon which the voters are called to decide. On the subject of changing the names of the Jefferson Elementary School and the Mason High School, the School Board solicited a vote to determine the will of the citizens of Falls Church. The vote was to NOT change the school names. Applying democratic principles would have required the School Board to retain the existing school names. However, the School Board members are part of the more enlightened followers of the principles of the new Quasi-Democracy, which means the majority vote only counts when it suits the pleasure of the vote counters. A valuable lesson for the students in the Falls Church system.

The School Board of Falls Church should also be recognized as proud proponents of Cancel-Culture as the new guide for education. For example: George Mason was the father of the Virginia Declaration of Rights and the recognized leader of the battle to ensure that the Bill of Rights — freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, etc. — copied from the Virginia Declaration of Rights, became a cherished part of our Constitution. However, under the principles of Cancel-Culture his name is to be eradicated because at that time he owned slaves. Applying the same educational principle, our School Board should also abolish any reference to the Bill of Rights, and, alas, the entire U.S. Constitution, because 25 of the 55 framers of the Constitution were slave owners at that time. But why should a school board be bothered with history? The names of those men or the document they crafted should no longer be recognized in the schools in Falls Church. Banishment is appropriate.

Quasi-Democracy and Cancel-Culture should be honored here with fireworks and celebrations.

Mark Friedlander

Falls Church

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