2024-06-22 2:19 AM

Crime Report: Shoplifting on S. Washington Street

Two suspects entered a business on S. Washington Street and stole multiple items of value in this week’s Crime Report.

Shoplifting, 500 blk S Washington St, March 5, 12:00 PM and March 8, 3:30 PM, two unknown suspects entered a business and stole multiple items of value. Suspects described as: 1) skinny build, black male, approximately 180lbs, between 5’8 – 5’10 wearing a black jacket and black face mask. 2) large build, black male, approximately 250lbs, between 5’10 – 6’0 wearing a black jacket, glasses, a black face mask, and dreads. Investigation continues.

Graffiti, 200 blk Douglas Ave, March 11, 3:00 AM, an officer observed graffiti on a fence.

Drunk in Public 900 blk Park Ave, March 13 1:25 PM, a male, 27, of Arlington, VA, was arrested for appearing drunk in public.





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