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F.C. Schools Start Covid-19 Mitigation Game Prior to Reopening

Falls Church City Public Schools has come up with a game for families to play as they hope to slow the spread of coronavirus in the lead up to school’s reopening as of Feb. 23.

The game board, which is viewable here, challenges families to complete as many of the 44 tasks as they can before the reopening date.

For the official rules, see below:

  • Print out the #MitigationMasters gameboard.
  • Keep track of all the things your family does. – Activities include local businesses, parks, and free things.
  • Enter them into the form that’s linked on the gameboard.
  • The winning family gets ice cream for 4 at Lazy Mike’s.
  • The next highest families will be entered into a raffle for additional prizes.
  • Every family who participates gets an FCCPS #MitigationMasters certificate email.