Group Projects F.C. Population Now Over 16,000

The World Population Review, a Northern California-based independent organization without political affiliations that seeks to make raw demographic data more accessible through graphs, charts, analysis and visualizations, has projected in advance of the official 2020 U.S. Census that the population of the City of Falls Church now exceeds 16,000.

To be exact, it puts the current number at 16,186 and among the more interesting breakdowns is its projection that barely half of City residents (53.1 percent) live as married couples, with the remainder living in non-family households (32.9 percent), or as single females (11.3 percent) or males (2.5 percent).

A whopping 79 percent of adults have Bachelor’s or higher educational degrees. The racial breakdown by household is 6,957 white, 1,129 Asian, 824 Hispanic, 502 Black, 193 other and 69 multiple.

The poverty rate is 2.69 percent, the highest being among Hispanics (9.5 percent) and Blacks (7.2 percent).

Of the City’s 980 veterans, most are from recent conflicts, with 200 from Vietnam, 40 from the Korean war and 20 from World War II.

The City’s population has accelerated, growing by 31.25 percent, since 2010. Up until then, it was static following growth spurts in the 1940s and 1950s at around 9.5-10,000.