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Guest Commentary: Christmas Comes Early With Trump Being Voted Out

By R. Conley Ricker, Jr.

There will be no more deception from our new Chief Executive denying the Covid-19 virus (“We have turned the corner”) as there are more than 1,000 deaths daily with a total of 271,000 deaths in the U.S.

Immediately there will be the restoration on Jan. 20, 2021, of a new Covid-19 Task Force to include Dr. Anthony Fauci and noted doctors, scientists and health officials to initiate and implement forthwith a national plan to control, manage and eliminate the Covid-19 virus.

There will be no more calling the nation’s senior infectious disease doctor, Dr. Fauci, and his associates, “Idiots.”

For the Cabinet and other important government positions, emphasis will be placed on capable, professional and experienced women, African Americans and other minorities.

There will be no more future references to the medication hydroxychloroquine, which universally is disproved as a cure or a preventive for the Covid-19 virus, and no more reference to using Clorox and/or Lysol internally to treat the Covid-19 virus.

There will be an immediate restoration of the National Security Council’s specialized department, disbanded by the previous Administration in its first 100 days, charged with the responsibility of preventing, and if necessary treating, the invasion of infectious diseases invading our country. (Note: The irresponsible and reckless abandonment of this department by the previous Administration caught the U.S .unprepared and has led to the current national pandemic, causing an internal tsunami of sickness and deaths to our citizens.)

Representing the United States, our new Chief Executive will immediately rejoin the World Health Organization and participate actively in plans to eliminate the planet of the Covid-19 virus with a view toward preventing the recurrence of another worldwide pandemic.

The prevailing racial animus built into the DNA of the current occupant of the White House as expressed in the “Muslim Ban” (whereby people from seven countries whose primary religion is Muslin were excluding from entering the U.S.) will be lifted. Comments expressing such animus about the people of Haiti, for example “We don’t need people from these s***hole countries, we need people from Norway” will be relegated to the ash heap of history.

Former U.S. Sen. John McCain, disparaged by the outgoing Chief Executive because he was taken prisoner, who as a Navy pilot was shot down by the Vietnamese, captured, imprisoned for seven years, tortured and injured irretrievably, and given a chance for freedom refused to be released unless his cellmates also were released, will be honored posthumously as a National Hero in a ceremony at the Rose Garden in the White House and presented by the our President with the Medal of Freedom.

Never again will there be a reference by the new Commander-In-Chief that Americans who are taken prisoners during military battles will not be respected and there never again will members of our Armed forces referred to as “suckers and losers.”

The new nation’s Chief Executive will condemn once and for all the heartless, despicable, shameless, unpardonable and overwhelmingly cruel policy of “Zero Tolerance:” Separating migrant children from their parents at the borders, placing the children in isolated cages with the supposed admonition “they are well-taken care of.” A task force will be formed to locate the parents of 545 children now defacto orphans as result of the policies of the outgoing Administration.

The previous legalization of the so-called 800,000 “Dreamers,” (characterized correctly as “toast” by your author in a previous email) who are undocumented children arriving and growing up in the United States, who had an opportunity for U.S. citizenship revoked by the outgoing Administration, will be restored as intended originally granting them a pathway to U.S. citizenship.

Contrary to the unsupported and decidedly false rhetoric from the previous presidential campaign, there will be no abridgement of the Constitution’s Second Amendment in which our citizens have the right to bear arms. A case can be made, however, that the framers of the Constitution could not foresee the advance of weapon technology which included the rapid fire automatic guns and rifles such as the AR-15, which were designed for military purposes.

That these rapid fire weapons are available to our citizens does not mean that they are to be used to slay one another, which has included innocent women and children. Therefore, it is assumed that under this new Administration, studies will be made for measures to be adopted to avert the body politic from using these weapons to slay one another, which diametrically is opposed to the use for which originally they were intended.

The new Chief Executive and his Secretary of State will contact representatives of Iran with a view toward the restructuring of the Iran Agreement on terms favorable to all and to preventing the manufacture of nuclear weaponry.

And lastly, the derogatory term “fake press” will be vaporized as the new Chief Executive will serve up the truth, as did JFK and FDR, both of whom had a patriotic and working relationship with nearly all of the free press, and both parties understood and respected the confidentiality of “background information.” And also the free press respected the need for secrecy in matters of national security.

R. Conley Ricker, Jr. is a resident of the City of Falls Church