‘Use of Force’ Group Seeks Extension

Representatives of the City of Falls Church’s Use of Force Review (UFR) Committee came before the virtual business meeting of the Falls Church City Council Monday to request an extension of the body’s term of service to the end of February 2021.

A survey currently circulating around the City has already received more than 300 responses, according to committee vice chair Brian Cheswick, and is open for community responses through Dec. 4. There have also been over 200 comments and recommendations already received.

There are 10 questions on the survey. Meanwhile, the citizen committee is studying 125 cases over the last five years when use of force by the F.C. Police or Sheriff’s Department was involved.

A review of other documents pertaining to incidents, policies, orders and methods for mitigating violence are also being reviewed. F.C. Police Chief Mary Gavin and Sheriff Matt Kay were in the discussion Monday night. There have already been 12 two-hour meetings of the citizen group over the last seven months.