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Letters to the Editor: Bad Look For School Board Members to Oppose Survey

Letters to the Editor: November 26 – December 2, 2020

Bad Look For School Board Members To Oppose Survey


I was distressed to read that two members of the Falls Church City school board have suggested that the will of the vast majority of respondents to the recent survey asking whether the community supports changing the names of George Mason High School and Thomas Jefferson Elemetnry School should be ignored when the board meets on Dec. 8 to vote on the issue.

The people have spoken.

What kind of message would it send for the board to ignore the democratic process and vote in favor of a name change based on the personal opinions of board members?

I would hate to be a civics teacher and try to explain that.

James Callahan

Falls Church

F.C. School Board’s Anti-Survey Rhetoric Is Over The Top


Tuesday’s School Board “discussion” of the school name change issue was an embarrassment and, frankly, an insult to this community.

The name of the schools may fall within the Board’s political authority, but it is not an issue about which the Board is uniquely qualified to decide. This is a matter of our community identity and how we, as Falls Church, want to tackle the challenges of race and history. The Board must listen to and follow the clear expression from the community it serves in support of maintaining the names of Mason and Jefferson and find a balanced and reasonable way to move forward.

Faced with what was, evidently to some on the Board, the shock and disappointment of the results of a robust and professional survey that found overwhelming (nearly 3-to-1) opposition to name change, with clear majorities from every segment of our Little City, the Board members who spoke on Tuesday resorted to shaming and, intentional or not, emotional manipulation.

The Board members’ who spoke at Tuesday’s meeting insinuated that racist intent, or at least racial insensitivity, underlie the survey results. They act as if there is only one correct path — their path of canceling Mason for being a slaveholder (and, logically, Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Hamilton, and even Amerigo Vespucci, all of whom owned slaves) and scrubbing our history. They act as if this community is incapable of finding another “progressive” way to move forward — a more moderate path instead of buying into the cancel culture they desire to impose on those with “less enlightened” views.

Joe Green

Falls Church

F.C. City Should Get Decibel Meters To Curb Noise Issues


In its Nov. 12 article, “F.C. Distillers Mulls City Exit Over Music Cut-Off,” the News-Press notes that the Falls Church Police Department responded to noise complaints but apparently took no enforcement action.

What’s missing from the article is the likely reason: the City owns no decibel meters and apparently refuses to purchase any of these relatively inexpensive items.

Why? It is almost certainly due to the City’s refusal to enforce its noise ordinance in connection with the many whole house generators that are found throughout the Little City.

Virtually all of which violate the noise caps according to the specifications provided by the generator manufacturers.

Perhaps the City Council should ask Mr. Shields why we don’t have any decibel meters and why our noise ordinances are not properly enforced.
And if Falls Church Distillers isn’t violating the noise ordinance, the police department should let their patrons enjoy the music until the not terribly late 10 p.m. witching hour.

Stewart Fried

Falls Church

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