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Arlington Lions Go Contactless For Charity Sale

The Lions of Northwest Arlington have started a new, contactless charity format for its sale of citrus fruit, pecans and maple syrup.

For health and safety reasons due to the Covid-19 pandemic — no “Brick-and-Mortar,” no boxes of citrus or pecans or maple syrup, no money, no cars, nor trucks, no opening or closing, no people coming together — will be a part of the sale.

Ordering and payment is online at any time at either at the NWARL Lions website or Puriton Maple’s website (for maple syrup only — use promo code “nwarlions” at checkout).

The sale opened on Nov. 12 and ends Dec. 15 for deliveries by Christmas direct to the customer. The ordering online will resume around Jan. 12 and go through March 31, 2021, again with deliveries direct to customers.

For more information, call 703-528-1130 or text 703-772-3784.