2024-06-21 1:53 PM

News-Pod: Do Majorities Matter?

The people of Falls Church have spoken and they said “No” to a potential name change. Not sure the School Board was crazy about it, given two of its members reactions (albeit, one is a student).

In some post-news commentary after talking about the lead, I ask whether the majority even matters. If elected officials are going to invite people into “the room where it happens,” they better be prepared to serve their will.

Then again, that’s not always the case. Don’t forget: When J.E.B. Stuart was going through it’s own name change process three years ago, a survey found that 55 percent of people wanted to keep the name. Fairfax Co.’s School Board shuffled their feet for a year and then went through with it anyway.

Different circumstances, sure, but the same general principle applies — elected leaders think they know what’s best for you, especially when you cut against their opinions.

In other topics, we touch on Merelyn Kaye’s history with the News-Press and the Thanksgiving dining options that are available for you.

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