Letters to the Editor: ‘Granny Flats’ Shouldn’t Be Approved By F.C. City Council

Letters to the Editor: October 29 – November 4, 2020

‘Granny Flats’ Shouldn’t Be Approved By F.C. City Council


Regarding the recent National Housing Trust’s proposal to allow accessory dwelling units (aka ‘granny flats’), I recommend the City Council absolutely reject this idea.

I and other residents of Falls Church City purchased our homes with the understanding that building codes prohibited such accessory dwelling units. To allow granny flats now is taking away our expected neighborhood enjoyment and reducing our property values.

Just google other communities who have gone this route only to see these units used as Airbnbs, street parking issues and new landlords unprepared for noise/evictions/maintenance.Also google shipping containers converted to ‘living units’. How would you like seeing something similar in your neighbor’s back yard!

Speak up fellow Falls Church home owners. Send an email to our Council to say “NO” to granny flats.

Gene Gresko

Falls Church

F.C.’s Joshua Shokoor Gets Our Support In Election


Joshua Sharif Shokoor, George Mason High School Class of 2005, is a strong leader running in the special election for the Falls Church City Council.

He has lived in the City of Falls Church longer than any other candidate and is yet another great star from our excellent school system!

Josh, his sister Sarah (George Mason High School Class of 2000) and mom Robin stand for education and community.

We share fond memories of the Shokoor family and support our native son!

June and Mike Beyer

Falls Church

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