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Candidate Statements for the U.S. Presidential Election

NOTICE: The News-Press was unable to receive a candidate statement for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign following repeated attempts to do so.

By Joe Biden


The rushed and unprecedented confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as Associate Justice to the Supreme Court, in the middle of an ongoing election, should be a stark reminder to every American that your vote matters.

Just a few days after Election Day next week, the Supreme Court will hear the case on the Affordable Care Act. While panicked and erratic in mishandling the pandemic, Donald Trump has been crystal clear on one thing — for the past four years, and again Sunday night on 60 Minutes — he wants to tear down the Affordable Care Act in its entirety and take away your healthcare and protections for pre-existing conditions.

This goal — the goal of the Republican Party for 10 years — was a litmus test in selecting this nominee, regardless of the damage done to the U.S. Senate, to Americans’ faith in the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, and to our democracy, and regardless of how the Affordable Care Act has protected hundreds of millions of people before and during the pandemic.

But we will not give up.

If you want to protect your health care, if you want your voice to be heard in Washington, if you want to say no, this abuse of power doesn’t represent you — then turn out and vote.

Vote for a president, for Members of Congress, and candidates up and down the ticket who actually have a plan for health care, and who will build on the Affordable Care Act to expand coverage, bring down costs, and give you more choices.

Vote to protect the fundamental idea that health care is a right, not a privilege.

And vote for the legacy of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

She was proof that courage, conviction, and moral clarity can change not just the law, but also the world. Let us continue to be voices for justice in her name.


The Biden Campaign also allowed the News-Press to use material from his campaign website to add to the statement.

Below are some of his plans for how to address the Covid-19 pandemic if he were elected.

Fix Trump’s testing-and-tracing fiasco to ensure all Americans have access to regular, reliable, and free testing.

• Double the number of drive-through testing sites. Invest in next-generation testing, including at home tests and instant tests, so we can scale up our testing capacity by orders of magnitude.

• Stand up a Pandemic Testing Board like Roosevelt’s War Production Board. It’s how we produced tanks, planes, uniforms, and supplies in record time, and it’s how we can produce and distribute tens of millions of tests.

• Establish a U.S. Public Health Jobs Corps to mobilize at least 100,000 Americans across the country with support from trusted local organizations in communities most at risk to perform culturally competent approaches to contact tracing and protecting at-risk populations.

Fix personal protective equipment (PPE) problems for good

• I will take responsibility, rather than leave states, cities, tribes, and territories to fend for themselves, and focus on producing more of these critical supplies in the United States.

I will:

• Fully use the Defense Production Act to ramp up production of masks, face shields, and other PPE so that the national supply of personal protective equipment exceeds demand and our stores and stockpiles — especially in hard-hit areas that serve disproportionately vulnerable populations — are fully replenished.

• Build now toward a future, flexible American-sourced and manufactured capability to ensure we are not dependent on other countries in a crisis.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the Democratic Party’s candidate for president in next week’s U.S. general election.

By Jo Jorgenson


Even though Virginia borders Washington, DC, it sometimes feels there couldn’t be a greater divide between Virginians and the politicians claiming to represent them. It’s no wonder why Virginia prohibits its governors from running for re-election.

In 2016, more people in Virginia voted for the Libertarian presidential ticket than ever before, and Virginia was the first state to ever cast an electoral vote for the Libertarian Party.

Virginians have made clear they won’t settle for the status quo, and time and again, they are shown to be correct in their suspicions.

Much like Virginians, Libertarians know that it doesn’t have to be this way.
We can reduce healthcare costs without putting government in charge of personal medical decisions and creating a one-size-fits-all system.

Patients cannot wait for government bureaucrats to decide who lives and who dies.

Any overhaul of our system must put control back in the hands of the patient. We are the only industrialized country to have our healthcare tied to employment, and this makes no sense.

We can prioritize national security without being involved in unnecessary foreign wars and stationing troops around the world in dozens of countries away from their families.

There are soldiers deployed who weren’t even born when the War on Terror began. In the last 20 years, over 500,000 people have died in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, including 250,000 civilians. Those are parents, siblings, and children who will never return. I will bring them home.

We can protect communities without sacrificing freedom through failed initiatives like civil asset forfeiture, no-knock raids, qualified immunity, and the War on Drugs.

The United States has 5 percent of the world’s population, but houses 20 percent of its prisoners.

There should be no law to prevent you from owning an object: whether it’s a gun to protect yourself or drugs for whatever reason. If there is no victim, there is no crime.

We can value responsibility for workers and employers without endless barriers of entry to both professions and new businesses.

The federal government has created 450 federal agencies that publish 60,000 pages of regulations every year.

Big companies survive while small companies who can’t afford this administrative overhead go under.

At least fifteen countries offer businesses more freedom than the United States.

This must change if American businesses are to compete worldwide.
We can recognize and fund important budget items without spending future generations into bankruptcy and taxing Americans at every turn.

Currently, some in Washington demand increases in domestic spending, while others demand increases in military spending.

They come to a bipartisan compromise by increasing both.
Dollars spent by politicians create half as many jobs as money spent in the private sector.

Government spending is wasteful, redundant, and often corrupt. As your President, my veto pen is going to need extra ink.

I’m running for President not just to present new ways of addressing important issues.

I’m running because Virginians deserve a better way — solutions creating real change for real people.

Dr. Jo Jorgenson is the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president in next week’s U.S. general election