2024-05-28 6:47 PM

Oh hey, didn't see you there

I was just talking to myself on a microphone with a script and then — BAM — now you’re here. So you might as well stay a while, yeah?

This week we’re talking about some of the lead-up to both the general election and Falls Church City Council’s special election (including my much-anticipated personal endorsements for the election). Also, we touch on the municipal bond sale by the City that seems to be paving the way for the stormwater improvement projects and our double feature that may be hit or miss over the coming weeks as we have to move things around coverage-wise.  

I think the rain was a real buzzkill while recording this so hope that wasn’t reflected in the pod itself. Anywho, hope you guys enjoy — and again, feel free to email me comments/critiques/your own personal rants at mdelaney@fcnp.com and I’ll gladly address them during next week’s recording (except maybe the final category.

Until next time,






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