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Candidate Statements for Virginia’s 8th District Election

By Don Beyer, Jr.

In lieu of a formal commentary, Congressman Don Beyer, Jr. directed us to take information directly from his campaign website on where he stands on key issues this election.


President’s Obama’s Affordable Care Act, signed into law in 2010, marked the biggest step forward in U.S. healthcare in decades: Tens of millions of uninsured Americans got coverage under Obamacare. Insurance companies had to accept applicants for health coverage, regardless of preexisting conditions, and they could not charge women more for the same coverage, as had been common practice. Further, Medicaid expansion has brought healthcare coverage to hundreds of thousands of Virginians.
Rather than embrace this progress and work to make further improvements, President Trump and congressional Republicans continue efforts to dismantle the program. Together with the Democratic caucus, I am working to protect Obamacare and move forward toward affordable, accessible and fully universal health care.


We are beyond a crisis point with guns in America. Every day, 100 people in the United States die by gunshot, over 36,000 a year. It is a tragedy that requires our leaders to act. I have made advancing solutions to gun violence a major focus of my work in Congress. I am a lead cosponsor of the bipartisan Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, which would give states grants and guidance to encourage the passage of laws which would allow law enforcement or family members to petition a judge to temporarily remove access to firearms people in crisis.

Climate Change

From the launch of my first congressional campaign in 2014, the issue at the forefront of my mind has been and remains climate change. It is the most significant and perhaps most intractable problem we face. We do a disservice to our children and the generations thereafter if we do not move in a more profound and rapid way toward solving this crisis.
In Congress, I am part of many efforts to address climate change. I co-chair the New Democrat Coalition Climate Change Task Force, as well as the Congressional Safe Climate Caucus.


In Virginia’s 8th congressional district, we thrive on diversity. President Trump’s nativist insistence that we must slam the doors shut to the United States — especially to anyone who comes from a nation of poverty or desperation — is a shameful embarrassment to our nation and to our ancestors. The treatment of immigrants, and especially the treatment of migrants and their children at the southern border, makes me shudder.
With our new Democratic majority in the House, we wasted no time in offering solutions. We passed H.R. 6, an immigration bill that would enable many Dreamers to get lawful permanent resident status for 10 years, and that would also protect those who have Temporary Protective Status, which includes many Northern Virginians.


I support major federal initiatives and programs for public education, including Title I, which helps school systems with large percentages of low-income students, and IDEA, which supports programs and provides resources for students with special needs.

Congressman Don Beyer, Jr. represents Virginia’s 8th District, which includes the City of Falls Church

By Jeff Jordan

Because Liberty Matters!

I’m Jeff Jordan, the Republican nominee for U.S. Congress here in Virginia’s 8th District. I’m a loyal husband, a devoted father of two young daughters, and the fifth consecutive generation of my family to serve in military uniform, all of us combat veterans. I reside in Arlington and currently work as a defense contractor at Fort Belvoir, the place of my birth.

Since it was founded, America has been a beacon of hope and opportunity to the world. It offers the promise of opportunity for a better life, and the standard of living in America is the greatest the world has ever known. And at the heart of it all is a social contract that says if you go to school, work hard, and earn an honest living, then you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and make your own American dream a reality.

But in case you haven’t noticed, today America is under attack. Not just by outside forces, but also by forces within, some of whom are elected officials in our own government. You know some of them by name.

Ilhan Omar, who said, “some people did something” on 9-11.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a leading advocate for the Green New Deal, which destroyed the Venezuelan economy.

Rashid Tlaib, who has immediate family members on terrorist watch lists.

They are all more liberal and radical than Nancy Pelosi. Do you know who else is rated as voting more liberal than Nancy Pelosi. Indeed, my opponent, Don Beyer. Of course, he will deny that he is a socialist by highlighting his ownership of a family car business.

But make no mistake, he has been a critical cog in the fundraising efforts of the Democrat Party that is now terrorizing this country and holding the American dream and her future hostage. Your dreams and future are at stake as well. My question to you is, will you realize the danger before losing everything to the rioters, looters, and socialists?

But this election is less about left vs. right, or Democrat vs. Republican, it’s more about whether America will continue as a constitutional republic or not. All of the issues we normally discuss including healthcare, immigration, transportation, etc, are not problems, they are symptoms of a problem called socialism. The socialists have subverted and overtaken the Democrat Party and they’re seeking to do the same to America. Republicans and moderate democrats all understand the importance of LIBERTY and its foundational purpose to the American way of life. When you vote this year, you’re choosing between LIBERTY and socialism.

The race in the 8th District is as much about the balance of power in the U.S. House of Representatives, as it is about my opponent and me.

We’ve all witnessed the complete abuse of power and authority by Nancy Pelosi and her socialist allies, including Don Beyer. From the fabricated case on Russian collusion and the subsequent failed impeachment, to the rampant political spying and weaponization of government institutions, to the cover-ups with Iran, Benghazi, and Hunter Biden. The socialists are attempting to destroy America, and the Republicans and moderate Democrats must stand unified and strong against them.

If you love life, protect it at all times, including in the womb. If you want safe neighborhoods, support your police and the 2nd Amendment. If you want the best education for your kids, open the schools. If you support the 1st Amendment, do so for everyone, including those with whom you disagree. If you want America to be the best country it can be, vote Republican.


Jeff Jordan is the Republican Party’s candidate in the election for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District





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