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A Cultist on the Supreme Court?

U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island, delivered a powerful briefing in front of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, spelling out to her how the most powerful and deceitful forces in America have chosen her to be their battering ram to end the Affordable Care Act, reverse Roe Vs. Wade and undo marriage equality laws.

These three issues are the front burner targets of these hidden, dark money right wing forces that have thrown millions and millions into buying judgeships and over 80 decisions by the Roberts Supreme Court won in 5-4 votes to perpetuate the Citizens United decision protecting their anonymity, to undo the Affordable Care Act (ACA), to weaken federal regulations over unbridled pollution by the fossil fuel industry, and disenfranchise especially minority voters in the past two decades.

Whitehouse’s report was impeccable, thoroughly documented and thoroughly damning of the many deceitful Republicans who have propped up the vile and thoroughly mentally-ill current president. It showed the wider game plan of the GOP on behalf of its dark-monied interests aimed at unravelling the nation’s democratic institutions. Their goal is to throw out the very idea of democracy, to eliminate the expectation of leadership based on popular votes, and to use all the tricks of deception to create the illusion of popular support for policies that are patently anti-democratic and destructive of the lives of any but the most privileged in the land.

Barrett sat quietly with a sort of pained look on her face as she watched Whitehouse tell this story with the help of placards. One would wonder what was going through her mind during this water-tight presentation (“Damn, there goes the indigestion again…no more burrito breakfasts! Ugh!”).

The Federalist Society and its leadership is the pivotal agency around which this conspiracy weaves its fateful web and the pliable President Trump has been more than eager to take on all its recommendations for arch-conservative choices.

Barrett, in her first day of questioning by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday, confirmed the worst fears of Democrats and those Republicans on the committee with faint echoes of honesty still rattling around in their brains, by being completely evasive on even the most basic questions on matters of election intimidation and interference. (Yes, Democrats are now fully aware that Trump will be seeking to overturn an historic landslide against him using the courts to his advantage.)

So, there was no independent candor and integrity demonstrated in any of Barrett’s responses Tuesday. None.

Such pathetic responses did nothing more than confirm the scenario presented by Sen. Whitehouse Tuesday.

No, Amy Coney Barrett is not a “lovey person,” the way Democrats have pathetically attempted to say in order to avoid reality in the past days. She is a barely disguised cult harpie of the radical right.

She’s like the evil witch in a horror flick who is deceiving unsuspecting millennials by snorting her deception juice as the theater audience screams warnings to their unwitting protagonists.

OK, I run the risk of offending such a sweet little innocent baby girl in this way, but I’m sorry. There’s simply too much at stake.

She grew up in a cruel male-chauvinist cult, the so-called “People of Praise,” indoctrinated her entire life with its radical male-authoritarian anti-woman ideology and lifestyle. This is not a normal religious order, this is a brainwashing cult exactly in the mode described by cult expert Steven Hassan, author of “The Cult of Trump,” applying what he called the “BITE” criteria of cults that engage in “the methods that cults use to recruit and maintain control over people.”

Catholicism is a superstructure framework for this destructive cult, no different than the Moonies, Hari Krishnas or any of the others spawned in the U.S. since the late 1960s to recruit and control “Manchurian candidate” intellectual zombies who can hide their mental states too easily behind outward appearances of normalcy and even brilliance.

“BITE” stands for Behavior, Information, Thought and Emotional control, the four key elements of mind control when they are shown to induce dependency and obedience to a leader or cause.

Don’t allow a Manchurian Candidate on the Supreme Court.

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