F.C. Business Owner Urges Council to Move Broad-Washington Project Forward

Colm Dillon, owner of the popular Ireland’s Four Provinces restaurant in Falls Church, issued a statement Tuesday calling on the F.C. City Council to vote to move forward the approval process for the 3-acre Whole Foods-based Broad and Washington mixed use project. The Council is expected to act on the measure tonight.

Dillon, whose restaurant is catty-corner at the same intersection to where the new project would be stated in remarks to the News-Press today:    “As a business owner who has been doing business in Falls Church for 16 years, I would ask the city council to vote yes to move this project forward .    “This project will bring new jobs,new tenants,new revenue ($20,000,000 to the city tax roll according to the Falls Church News Press) and new energy to a corner of Falls Church that is much needed.

“We will also get affordable housing units,a Whole Foods grocery store that will attract many, many customers of which some will shop and dine at our many shops and restaurants again improving the taxes rolls.

“We will get a home for Creative Cauldron (a much admired theatre company) again bringing patrons to spend in our city.

“I understand the concern of a couple of businesses that will be affected by the construction phase of this project and I share that concern. But let’s not let this concern affect the whole project.

“There is far greater upside to this project than the issue of the loss of parking for a short time to stop it.

“The city council wants to take care of small businesses, so go ahead and do that, but let’s make sure ALL small businesses are being helped and not just a couple of them.”