Letters To The Editor: Dick McCall Defined ‘Public Service’ In Lengthy Career

Falls Church News-Press Letters to the Editor: September 10 – 16, 2020

Dick McCall Defined ‘Public Service’ In Lengthy Career


I wholeheartedly agree with the spirit of your recent article on Dick McCall. However, the article might be likened to one on Babe Ruth or Ted Williams or Henry Aaron that focused on how well they played in the field without addressing their great strength with their bats.

It was my honor to work with Dick during the last couple of years we were government employees. We had not met but I knew of and often benefited from his work for more than 20 years before.

Upon reflection, terms like integrity, good faith and good will, selflessness and duty immediately come to mind.

As important as each is though there is a more important way that, to me at least, should be pointed out where Dick’s excellence is so very valuable and important.

There is a profound difference between employment and service. Dick McCall’s career is a splendid example of public service in its finest sense.

Yes, he did all of the things that the writer spoke of in the article and much more but he set a surpassing example and a standard.

Everyone in government employment would do well to learn from Dick’s example and to continually refer to it.

Dick McCall served in the best way a citizen, one of we the people, can.

V. L Elliott

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New Democrat Tone On Rioters Conceals Bail Out Efforts


It’s good to see that Democrats have finally reversed themselves on the “mostly peaceful” rioters that have been destroying our cities for the last three months. One question remains for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: does this mean that they no longer support paying the bail money for the rioters who get arrested?

Jeff Walyus


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