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Last Call for F.C. City Registration Forms

City of Falls Church’s commissioner of the revenue, Tom Clinton, is requesting a final call for both current and former City residents who have a vehicle status change (a new car not registered yet, a previous car sold, donated, moved to another VA jurisdiction or to another state, totaled in an accident, they’ve moved overseas, a name change, a name added or removed from a vehicle title, etc.) and/or an address change, before the Treasurer runs the 2020 Personal Property or car tax bills.

He asks that people send in any final vehicle-related or address changes by Monday, Aug. 17 so that all adjustments can be made before the personal property, or car tax bills are mailed out in late August or early September by the City Treasurer. The bills will be due by the usual due date of Oct. 5. People who have moved should be sure to register their vehicle in their new Virginia locality, or in their new state, and send the City that proof. They should contact the VA DMV at about any address changes, and to report a sold date for a vehicle.

People can sign up to receive their Personal Property bill by email as well as receiving the usual hard copy that is sent to their street address, by registering for that service at They will need their PPID number, which is the unique account number given to every registered City vehicle, and the 2019 bill number. These two data points can be provided by the Treasurer’s Office at 703-248-5046 or by email at or by contacting the Commissioner’s Office.

All vehicles parked in the City of Falls Church must have a current, blue, City of Falls Church decal on the left bottom portion of the front windshield within 60 days of purchase, or upon moving into Falls Church City, to avoid receiving a $50 ticket.

For more information about reporting changes to your Vehicle Verification Forms, or about getting a City decal for your car, call (703) 248-5450 or e-mail us at:

To register a new vehicle online and to receive a temporary decal, the City’s webpage is