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Kamala Harris: Trump’s Nightmare

Excellent choice, Joe, excellent choice!

Reflective of his best days as the principled and combative senator from Delaware, former Vice President Joe Biden chose not to play it safe to embrace the one Democratic political figure in Sen. Kamala Harris who can do the most damage to the toxic boil that is Donald Trump in the run-up to the Nov. 3 election.

This is going to be a fierce team working in a symbiotic manner to clarify and amplify the many contemptible crimes of Trump to an American electorate that hasn’t been sure it has the moral fortitude to stand up to this bully, and to rush him off the stage of world history in the next few months.

There was no “playing it safe” in this choice, and since it wasn’t, it has emboldened the entire Democratic Party and a suffering American electorate to drive the necessary stake, politically, into the heart of the greatest threat to American democracy in 150 years.

When the lying President Trump came out Tuesday afternoon, after Biden’s announcement about Kamala Harris, to insist she was the running mate he hoped would be chosen, because with her he stands the best chance for re-election, he was doing what we all know too well of him by now. He was lying. He’s terrified of her.

Kamala Harris is Trump’s worst nightmare: a “nasty” uppity woman who doesn’t play nice to his disgusting advances, but who instead will eat him alive.

Of course, this is not to underestimate Joe Biden’s formidable political powers that come in the form of his many decades of public service in the House and eight years as vice-president. He’s got the savvy and the killer instinct, so to speak, to bring home the bacon for his working class constituents, and nothing has proven more that he’s still got that edge than his choice for running mate.

Presidential candidates of the past usually chose as their running mates ones who would not threaten to overshadow their own command.

When Biden was selected as the V-P for Barack Obama’s historic bid for the presidency, it was like that. He would not threaten to upstage the charisma of Obama, himself, but would function largely in the background as an image of party stability. Biden, however, was brilliant in his own right in how he handled eight years as vice-president with Obama, never trying to outshine him, but working much more closely with him than anyone had predicted would be the case.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton chose as her running mate the highly-respected Virginian, former mayor, lieutenant governor, governor and U.S. Senator Tim Kaine with an aim to replicating the role that Biden had played so well with Obama.

I have no doubt that Kaine, had Clinton and he been awarded the White House with their two-million vote majority that year, would have been yet another phenomenal V-P, even to this very day. But he was not chosen for the kind of aggressive campaign approach that Kamala Harris exhibited during the Democratic primaries, but instead to be solid and to not upstage Clinton.

This time, many observers felt that Susan Rice was the preferred choice because of how Kaine-like she is, solid and competent but destined for Biden’s shadow and not a street fighter.

That’s why Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris is such an important departure from the norm, and assures America that Trump is going to have his hands full this fall. Trump really can’t handle aggressive women who he usually calls “nasty” behind their backs but never to their faces.

Make no mistake, Biden is the one at the top of the Democratic ticket, and he’s fully capable of executing the office he’s seeking with competence and passion. So, his choice of Kamala Harris demonstrates that he’s got what it takes.

She is not only the kind of woman that Trump fears most, for which he has a core, existential fright, but she is now laying claim to the future of the Democratic Party, a battling, “Me Too” party that is no longer going to take any crap from old straight white male predators whose days are now clearly numbered.

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