Letters to the Editor: Odd Time To Bring Up Gun Ban On F.C. City Property

Letters to the Editor: August 6 – 12, 2020

Odd Time To Bring Up Gun Ban On F.C. City Property


Falls Church is considering an ordinance to ban the carrying of firearms in certain City venues.

Because of all the talk about defunding and/or reforming the police, it seems to be an odd time to be giving the police more reasons to make contact with citizens.

Suppose someone inadvertently enters a no-gun zone with a gun. A police officer notices and issues commands to the suspect, who complies as best as can be expected under the stress of the interaction with the police. The officer, perhaps on edge, misinterprets aspects of the compliance and the situation escalates. We would hope for a non-tragic outcome, but if the suspect or the officer is harmed, it would have happened because of the ordinance, a solution looking for a problem.

Steve A. Brown


Please Trim Brush Covering Pathways For Walkers


Like many others, I have been doing a lot of walking these past months. Our residential sidewalks, when they exist, are quite narrow, well less than 6 feet. This is made worse by overgrown bushes and tree branches impinging into them. Please, business and homeowners reading this, get out your pruning shears!

Chris Raymond

Falls Church

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