New F.C. Recycling Hours Announced

The City of Falls Church Recycling Center at 217 Gordon Road will start using a new gate and have revised hours for vehicles starting Monday, Aug. 17.

Residents will be able to drive into the Recycling Center Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. and pedestrians will still be able to access the center Monday through Sunday from dawn to dusk.

The City’s Department of Public Works aims to deter illegal dumping and to encourage residents to properly prepare materials for recycling.

“We allow a variety of items to be recycled at the center,” said Lonnie Marquetti, Solid Waste Program Manager. “This includes clothing, glass, scrap metal, mixed containers like plastic bottles and cans, mixed paper, and cardboard. But people were dumping large items and household hazardous waste, despite the clear signage not to do so. Our crews were spending too much time away from their regular duties and critical projects to clean up the illegal items. The revised hours will help us monitor what items are brought to the Recycling Center.”

When the gates are closed, parking is very limited. A vehicle may parallel park in front of the gates, and the resident may walk in to dispose of materials.