FC City Commissioner of Revenue Reminds Restaurants to Charge Full Meals Tax

The Falls Church City Commissioner of the Revenue’s office would like to remind restaurants that they should be charging the full City Meals Tax of 4 percent plus the full VA State Sales Tax of 6 percent for a total of 10 percent on all prepared carry out food and drink.

The City allowed restaurants more time to pay any previous collected and due Meals Taxes owed to the City, but they did not suspend the collection of the Meals Tax and the State of Virginia and the Department of Taxation did not as well.

These two separate taxes ideally should be itemized and listed on the sales tax receipt so customers can know what taxes they are paying and to whom.

The State Retail Sales tax of 6 percent would only be charged for factory sealed beverages like cokes and waters, not made in or poured in the store, but those drinks that come directly from distributors.

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