F.C. City Hall Begins Gradual Reopening for Services Tuesday

According to a memo sent to all City of Falls Church employees on July 16, the Falls Church City Hall will reopen to 30 percent capacity on Tuesday, July 21 with the caveat that all comply with cleaning and disinfecting guidelines and have viewed a 55-minute City-produced training video by Monday.

The Community Center and Mary Riley Styles Library, which is currently undergoing renovations, will remain closed.

The City still encourages residents and business owners to continue accessing City resources online, by phone, or by email.

The training video includes information about cleaning high-touch and individual workspace areas. 

To be in compliance with federal OSHA guidelines, individual employee certification documentation that the video has been viewed will be required with measures for all employees to contact their department director. 

Cleaning caddies with disinfecting cleaners, rags, gloves and eye protection will be set up at each City Hall floor and other facilities, and cleaning will extend to shared City-owned vehicles.