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F.C. Commissioner Requests Vehicle Verification Forms

City of Falls Church commissioner of the revenue, Tom Clinton, is requesting that City residents send in any vehicle-related or address changes by, or close to, the stated due date of July 15, so all adjustments can be made before the personal property, or car tax bills are mailed out in August by the Treasurer’s Office. The bills will be due by Oct. 5. The Vehicle Verification forms went out in the mail a month ago to all vehicle owners in the City of Falls Church requesting any updates. If anyone did not get one, they are advised to contact the commissioner of revenue’s office.

If a resident has any changes, they should send them in. If there are no changes, and all of a resident’s vehicles are accounted for, they can recycle the form. Leased Vehicle Verification Forms are sent to the leasing companies versus the driver of the leased vehicle. All vehicles parked in the City of Falls Church must have a current, blue, City of Falls Church decal on the left bottom portion of the front windshield. For more information about reporting changes to residents’ Vehicle Verification Forms, or about getting a City decal for a car, call 703-248-5450 or email the commissioner of revenue’s office at: