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F.C. Distillers Holds 1st Round Of Distilling Workshop

Falls Church Distillers is launching a summer distilling workshop series for individuals interested in starting their own craft distilling business. The two-day workshops will be held July 8 and 9, August 12 and 13 and September 9 and 10 at the distillery (442 S Washington St A, Falls Church).

By offering a hands-on course in distilled spirits, Falls Church Distillers hopes to offer entrepreneurs and budding enthusiasts insight and knowledge into distilling and what it takes to build a business.

Workshops will be led by Mitch Abate, head distiller at Down Slope Distilling in Colorado and Dr. Kallie Stavros from Falls Church Distillers.

The two-day introductory course covers the beginnings of commercial distilling logistics from building codes to regulations through sales and distribution, which is followed by a hands-on workshop that covers commercial production from top to bottom.

“We want guests to walk away with a good understanding of establishing a distilling business. By hosting the workshops at our distillery, students will have the chance to see the ins and outs directly,” said Michael Paluzzi, founder of Falls Church Distillers. “They will also have a chance to meet and collaborate with other learners interested in distilling and have the opportunity to consult one on one with teachers.”

The curriculum for the two-day workshop includes pre-production, distillation and post-production on day one. Day two discusses commercial logistics, marketing, sales and distribution. The course also covers whisky, gin, rum and vodka runs.

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