Snyder: 2.5 Hours for a Covid-19 Test Last Weekend

Falls Church City Council member David Snyder reported to Tuesday’s virtual meeting of the F.C. Council that he went to one of two regional locations last weekend where free Covid-19 virus tests were being administered by the Virginia Department of Health, and said it took him and wife Edith two and a half hours of waiting in line to be administered a test.

The location was the Annandale High School last Saturday and tests were also being conducted at the Bailey’s Elementary School in Bailey’s Crossroads on Sunday.

He said that “the infrastructure for wide public testing is clearly not there now. It is incomplete.”

He noted that the availability of widespread testing will be key to decisions the schools will need to make concerning the resumption of classes in the fall.

Currently, both Covid-19 and Covid-19 antibody tests are available from private physicians in Falls Church but so far public testing sites have been limited to regions where generally lower income populations are densely living.