Letters to the Editor: Last Week’s Guest Commentary Represents Author’s Character

Letters to the Editor: May 21 – 27, 2020

Last Week’s Guest Commentary Represents Author’s Character


Thank you for the guest commentary by Dorothy Teipel.

It took me back to the trials and tragedies of my generation — from that day in Dallas to Kent State, 9-11, and finally to today.

Of course, it is even better because I have known Dori for years.

She seems sometimes to work magic. During a fund-raising effort for children, she introduced me to Pamela Harriman, one of the most interesting and considerate people I have worked with.

Dori married my good friend and co-worker, John Finch.

They were a hard-working couple in the charity and social-justice community. John died last year.

Among the last things he said to me was how Dori was making his last months so happy that he had no time to feel sorry for himself.

Dori founded “Women at the Top,” composed of many well-known women in media, politics and government.

Soon, people as different as Dan Rostenkowski, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, and Pamela were contacting corporate and association CEOs to tell them “It’s time to promote deserving woman and other so-called minorities.”

Dori says there’s still work to be done.

Her article let me know that she is still doing more than her share.

Ken Feltman

Falls Church

South Dakota Is Not The Best Counter To N.Y. Virus Situation


Jeff Walyus’ letter to the editor in the May 14 edition of the Falls Church News-Press caught my attention.

Mr. Walyus declared that that with the coronavirus, people concerned with actual results rather than partisan politics, should look to South Dakota.

When I looked at South Dakota, I discovered that on April 13, it had one of the nation’s largest coronavirus hot spots at the Smithfield Foods pork-processing plant in Sioux Falls with more than 300 falling ill.

In response to this, South Dakota’s Governor Noem declared that up to 70 percent of residents in her state may ultimately fall ill with Covid-19, but “The people themselves are primarily responsible for their own safety.”

This statement came despite an April 3, letter from the South Dakota State Medical Association warning that the state “may soon face the challenges and hardships currently being seen in New York and other large cities across the country if a shelter in place order is not issued immediately.”

By May 16, the number of coronavirus cases in Sioux Falls had climbed to more than 1,000 people.

As of May 16, there 3,887 cases of Covid-19 in South Dakota with 44 recorded deaths.

Health care workers in South Dakota are gathering a petition of 30,000 signatures demanding that Noem order people to stay home.

Readers may draw their own conclusions.

Peter Markham

via the Internet

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