2024-06-13 12:01 AM

F.C. Mayor Proclaims ‘Small Business Saturdays 2.0’ for May

Falls Church Mayor David Tarter signed a proclamation Friday declaring all Saturdays in May as “Small Business Saturdays 2.0” to encourage citizens to direct their buying to the City’s small businesses during the lockdown over the Covid-19 pandemic.

The mayor’s proclamation discussed how important the tax revenue contributed by small businesses is, which totals at 45 percent of the City’s annual revenues.

Tarter recommended that residents make use of curb-side meal pickups at restaurants, purchase cleaning supplies and support funds for employees of certain businesses, among other suggestions.

When resident’s do patronize a local business, Tarter asks them to tag either #ShopLocal or #LiveLocalFC on social media.

The full proclamation reads as follows:

“Whereas local businesses are vital to the community in countless ways – they contribute jobs and tax revenue and support the City’s school system, community fundraisers, and causes; and the City of Falls Church is facing an unprecedented health and economic emergency because of Covid-19 and Falls Church residents have been mandated by the Governor of Virginia to “stay at home”, limit non-essential trips, and practice social distancing until June 10, 2020; and many local businesses, including restaurants, retailers, fitness and wellness facilities, personal services, travel, and more have been mandated to close or severely limit operations to adhere to health and social distancing guidelines during the global pandemic; and local business taxes comprise approximately 45 percent of the City of Falls Church’s total annual revenues and local business revenues have significantly declined as a result of Covid-19 closures; and despite the “stay at home” orders, there are still numerous ways that residents can safely support local businesses including ordering curb-side meal pickup, buying cleaning products and food supplies, buying gift cards, donating funds to local non-profits and businesses who work with them, supporting funds designated for employees of local businesses and much more; and shopping and living local will help the city’s businesses and economy weather the pandemic and more quickly recover in a time when they need it most;”

The proclamation continues: “and the “Live Local” theme in Falls Church has been embraced by businesses and residents, and the impact on the local economy, physical and mental health, and community has been extremely positive; and encouraging the community to buy products and services from local businesses creates diverse job opportunities and preserves the fabric of the unique Falls Church business community; and Small Business Saturday, typically held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year, has grown to be a nationally recognized day to support the small businesses that makeup our communities; and with so many businesses needing the support of our community during this difficult time, the Falls Church City Council and the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce ask residents to support local businesses throughout the month of May by shopping local on Small Business Saturdays 2.0, and tagging local businesses and events with #ShopSmall and #LiveLocalFC on social media; now, therefore I, David Tarter, Mayor of the City of Falls Church, Virginia, do hereby proclaim the Saturdays in May 2020 as Small Business Saturdays 2.0 in the City of Falls Church, and urge all residents to support our small businesses on Small Business Saturdays in May and every day and to continue practicing good personal hygiene, social distancing, and wearing face coverings to help slow the spread of Covid-19.





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