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Dulles Toll Road Removes Attendants from Toll Booths

Starting this past Monday, the Dulles Toll Road will remove all personnel from toll booths and suspend cash-exchange toll collections in order to slow the spread of Covid-19. Only electronic and exact change coin payments will be accepted. Motorists without E-ZPass, other electronic forms of payment or exact change will receive bills through the mail. 

All lanes and toll booths on the Dulles Toll Road are equipped with electronic tolling features. Any lane can be used with a valid E-ZPass account or other form of electronic tolling. Customers can visit E-ZPass Virginia at for information on how to obtain an E-ZPass, or the GoToll mobile phone app at 

Booths will be unattended in exact change langes and will exact payment to pass through these lanes. Customers without a form of electronic payment will be required to have exact change coins of $3.25 at the main plaza and $1.50 at each ramp exit.

Motorists passing through the cash lanes without exact change will be sent a payment notice by mail. While these will be labeled violations, the administrative fees will be waived. If toll-lane cameras identify a license plate associated with an E-ZPass account, that account will be charged for the transaction.

Customers are encouraged to visit for information on paying toll violations in Virginia.