Local Commentary

Kids Talk About the Coronavirus

The following was submitted to the News-Press by Olivia Whitney, a fifth grader at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in the City of Falls Church.

We, kids, have strong opinions and we would love it if you heard some of them. I am a 5th Grader at TJ Elementary School and have contacted some of my friends, locally and around the globe, and asked them about their feelings and opinions during this difficult time.

Jack – Virginia, age: 10

When kids see something to wish on, like a shooting star, they wish for school to be closed, but I don’t think they meant it like this! I learn from home now. I can only be with friends through video talks and texting. I try to help the situation by washing my hands and keeping my distance. I hope this ends soon because I miss my friends and teachers.

Cathrine – Virginia, age: 10

I play three sports and Covid-19 is not allowing me to practice sports or play games. I think that Covid-19 is affecting children more. They aren’t allowed to see their friends without them getting sick. What I think everyone should be doing is staying away from each other, washing hands and not touching their faces. Stay healthy!

Juliet – New York, age: 12

I think Covid-19 is something we should take seriously, which unfortunately a lot of young people are not doing. This worries me because this virus can be deadly and spreads quickly. What each of us needs to do is to stay at home so we can help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Keira – Cape Town, South Africa age: 12

Coronavirus is a very frightening disease. I am shocked how quickly it has spread across the world. Two weeks ago South Africa had 54 cases and now it has rapidly increased to 1,280 cases where I live. All of us are in danger, especially our elderly. I feel extremely concerned. My life has quickly changed. Our schools are closed. I’m not allowed out of the house and cannot do lots of my favourite things like seeing my friends and family. I think that we will beat the virus if we do our part by social distancing. Stay safe!

Are you doing your part?