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PHOTOS: The Stark & Empty Streets of Falls Church During the Viral Outbreak

A nearly fully-stocked Capital Bikeshare station on Park Ave.

Though the new stay-at-home executive order for Virginians just went into effect yesterday, activity in the City of Falls Church had already come to a crawl — and very near stop — as Little City residents and businesses adjust to a new-normal life of social distancing and working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

News-Press contributing photographer J. Michael Whalen took to the streets of Falls Church last week and captured just how empty and barren the normally-bustling centers of activity in the City have become in the wake of the global viral outbreak.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom out there, however. Even in the most dire of times, Whalen was still able to find a sense of community on his trek around Falls Church.

“You know, one of the most interesting things about social distancing is that when you do see someone they are much more likely to wave and say hello even from a great distance,” he said.

The sidewalk on West Broad is empty as the businesses that line the street have been forced to shut down.
North Washington Street neighbors The State Theatre, Clare & Don’s Beach Shack and Thompson Italian have all gone dark during the pandemic.
The City of Falls Church closed all City playgrounds in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
A normally-packed Park Avenue sits empty on Saturday morning as the City converted its popular farmers market to a pre-order, to-go event this past weekend.
The parking lot at Falls Church’s 24 Hour Fitness sits empty as all locations of the gym have been temporarily shuttered.
The empty intersection of West Broad and Little Falls Street in downtown Falls Church.
Falls Church’s iconic State Theatre lies at the end of an empty Park Avenue.
Ireland’s Four Provinces shut down and postponed its annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration earlier this month due to the threat of the pandemic.
The patio and outdoor decks at Falls Church favorite Northside Social sit empty as the coffee bar is now limited to carry-out orders only.
The City of Falls Church closed all City playgrounds in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

All photos: J. Michael Whalen