City of F.C.: ‘We Can’t Inform Public of Each New Covid-19 Case’

In its daily coronavirus newsletter update, the City of Falls Church announced it can no longer inform the public of each new case of coronavirus in the City.

“The City will continue to be in close contact with [Fairfax County Health Department], but we will not be able to inform the public of every case in the City from this point forward,” the note read.

An alert will be sent out if the Fairfax County Health Department deems there is a risk to visitors of a certain place at a certain time, the newsletter added. The City cites the recent announcement by Fairfax health officials that they would stop reporting summaries for each new positive case.

“Fairfax Health District is no longer reporting case summaries for each new COVID-19 positive case, as laboratory reporting is increasing from public and commercial labs,” the department announced, though it said total cases in each health district will continue to be updated daily.

There have been two reported positive cases of the coronavirus in the City of Falls Church, both at The Kensington senior living center on W. Broad St.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there have been 77 reported cases in the Fairfax Health District which includes the City of Falls Church, City of Fairfax, Fairfax County and its towns.