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Youth Basketball Players Win Championships & Awards

(Photo: Courtesy Liz Weatherly)

FALLS CHURCH 6TH GRADERS were the girls Division 2 Champions in the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League. (Back row, left to right): Coach Mark Papadopoulos, A. Baldwin, C. Weatherly, J. Evans, S. Meade, D. Tucker-Lakes, T. Papadopoulos, Assistant Coach Dave Meade. (Front row, left to right): S. Witt, R. Fisher, T. Trodden, T. Hotmire, E. Flanagan

(Photo: Courtesy Irene Edmunds)

CONGRATULATIONS ALSO GO OUT to the Falls Church 7th Grade Girls Basketball Team. The girls moved up from Division 2 to Division 1 this season in the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League. They went 10-3 in the regular season, coming in 3rd out of 11 teams in Division 1. Because of these accomplishments, the coaches in the division voted Chris Madison (left) as the Most Valuable Coach and Ellie Friesen (center) as the Most Valuable Player. Mikayla Edmunds was selected as an All League player.