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Letters to the Editor: What About Effects on Residents Around Washington & Broad Project?

Letters to the Editor: March 5 – 11, 2020

What About Effects on Residents Around Washington & Broad Project?


Regarding the article “Neighboring Businesses Bemoan Project Impact” in the Feb. 20 issue, I have great sympathy for the merchants who will be affected by the impending construction at Broad and Washington Streets. But have I missed similar coverage of the effects of this project on residents who live on East Broad Street and Hillwood Avenue?

While we will not be threatened like the homes in the immediate vicinity of the construction, will we be protected from the constant pounding of heavy equipment rumbling down our streets in front of our older and somewhat fragile houses? What about tying up traffic from Washington Street to 7 Corners so that we cannot even exit our driveways safely?

Does the City have some plan to divert this disruptive and damaging activity to the commercial Washington Street throughway? No one, to my knowledge, has contacted residents to tell us what is going to happen. Do we have to force ourselves down the throats of City management and the City Council? A mess like that taking place at West and Broad Streets will have as much of an effect on our welfare and property values for the next few years as it will have on the local merchants.

Oh, and thank you, City of Falls Church, for the 10 percent residential tax increase.

Robert Speir

Falls Church

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