2024-05-27 3:17 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

February Was Acceptance Month at Camelot Elementary

Camelot Elementary School tapped February as acceptance celebration month, sponsored by the school’s acceptance team of administrators, teachers, counselors and PTA members.

Its mission is “to promote the acceptance of all students at Camelot, teach and give students the tools and knowledge they need to fully accept one another and to encourage and show students how to be a friend to anyone and everyone, in all walks of life, both in and out of school.”

Camelot offers programs for students with intellectual disabilities and a preschool program for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Many of these students spend part of their day or are fully included in a general education setting, learning alongside their peers. Another piece of the acceptance culture at Camelot is the diversity that students embrace and celebrate. Teachers are provided with weekly activities and ways to promote acceptance in their classrooms. Acceptance month included Be a Good Friend Week, featuring an anti-bullying theme. This week focuses on disabilities including Asperger’s spectrum disorder, dyslexia, deaf and hard of hearing, Down syndrome, and Angelman syndrome.

During the last week of the month a celebration of diversity and the many cultures represented at Camelot was featured. The community will be encouraged to wear tie-dye or cultural clothing to show acceptance.





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