GMHS Students Push for Civic Absenteeism

Students lobby for permitted day of protest at the Falls Church School Board meeting Tuesday. (Photo: News-Press)

Over a dozen George Mason High School students showed up at this Tuesday’s Falls Church School Board meeting to take turns speaking to the board support of a policy allowing for one day per school year of permitted absenteeism per student for purposes of civic involvement and activism. It is a policy similar to one adopted by the neighboring Fairfax County School Board last year.

The students talked about the F.C. School System’s International Baccalaureate program and the emphasis it places on thoughtful civic activism. The policy will enhance student empathy and make for “better global citizens,” said student Samuel Mostow.

A student advisor said, “It is different now than 10 years ago. These students really want to get out there to exercise their sense of justice and responsibility.”

F.C. Schools Superintendent Peter Noonan applauded the students for their activism about activism. He told the News-Press later that he will make a recommendation to the School Board about the policy next month.