F.C. School Board Adopts Budget, Falls Within City Council Guidance

5 OF THE 6 members of the F.C. School Board shown here were part of the unanimous vote to adopt their proposed FY21 budget forwarded to the F.C. City Council Tuesday night. (Photo: News-Press)

On Tuesday night, the Falls Church School Board unanimously approved its advertised budget for the 2020-2021 school year. Reflecting an investment in students, staff, and schools, the budget includes a step increase for eligible employees and a 1 percent cost of living adjustment (COLA) for all FCCPS staff members. The budget is virtually identical to Superintendent Peter Noonan’s proposed budget that he announced a month earlier.

The $54.6 million budget, which now heads to the Falls Church City Council for approval, falls within the 3.1 percent budget guidance (for the second year in a row) and seeking a City appropriation of $44.6 million. The approved budget motion also includes the addition of 50 percent of any additional general government tax revenue above last December’s projections in accordance with an informal revenue sharing understanding with the City.

The School Board also approved a Food Service budget of $1.1 million and a Community Service Fund Budget in the amount of $2.4 million.

Here’s what’s included in the School Board’s FY 21 Advertised Budget:

  • A step increase for eligible staff
  • A 1 percent Cost of Living Adjustment for all FCCPS staff.
  • An additional IB Middle Years Programme coordinator (one each for MEH and GM)
  • A pre K-12 English/Language Arts coordinator to support teachers and students
  • One social worker to support student’s emotional health and well-being
  • Increasing the Clinic Aide/Office Staff position at Jessie Thackrey to full time.
  • Three new custodial positions to help maintain the additional square footage of the new high school, which, this time next year, will be open and running.

Wyatt Shields, the Falls Church City Manager, will fold the School Board request into his overall City operations budget proposal for FY21 that he will present to the Council on March 9. The Council will adopt that budget, with modifications on April 27 and the School Board will then vote on final adoption of its budget on May 5.