New 2-Story Commercial Building To Go Onto Site Adjacent F.C. Episcopal

Site plan papers were filed this week at the Falls Church City Hall for a two-story commercial building on E. Fairfax Street adjacent the Falls Church Episcopal Church.

According to News-Press sources, vestry of the church at its annual meeting last weekend voted to permit the construction on its property, now being held under a long-term lease by Bob Young, local F.C. developer who is also the chair of the City’s Economic Development Authority. The project awaits approval by the Episcopal Church Diocese of Virginia, which is the technical owner of the property.   

The building’s intended use will be as a site for a youth play and exercise center known as Scramble. The project is a “by right” plan with only a site plan approval by the F.C. Planning Commission required, once the Diocese signs off on it. 

The 12,000 square foot building plan is scheduled to be taken up by the F.C. Planning Commission at a work session this Monday, Feb. 3 with a tentative public hearing on March 2.   

It will eliminate 47 parking spaces on what is now a vacant lot, but discussions have already involved church use of new spaces on the site for Sunday morning worship and other events.