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Beech Tree Students Learn from Children’s Author

#KidsNeedMentors is a program with the goal of enriching young lives through the power and love of reading books. It’s a program that matches authors with educators in a literary partnership that lasts throughout the school year. When Beech Tree Elementary second grade teacher Nadya Abu-Rish got wind of this program through Twitter, she knew she had to sign her class up for it. In August 2019, Abu-Rish received the long-awaited email with a match for her class, that would be mentored by award-winning author and illustrator Angela Dominguez. Dominguez has written several children’s books including “Stella Diaz Has Something to Say” and “Let’s Go Hugo” as well as has illustrated “Marta Big and Small” and “Kaia and the Bee.” Since their partnership started in August, Dominguez and the second graders have communicated through letters, videos and Google hangout. In the fall, the author visited their classroom, reading to the class and modeling how to draw one of her favorite book characters. She has even offered advice and guidance on the writing process.