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Culmore Clinic Exceeds Fundraising Goals

Culmore Clinic more than doubled its end-of-year fundraising campaign goal of $11,000 by bringing in $25,735.98 in the month of December alone. $8,600 of these dollars are designated funding toward ongoing clinic operations through the group’s Stewardship Circles, the clinic’s new sustaining gift model.

The donations will help the clinic begin increasing patient care on its third clinic day by providing prescription pick-up, adding specialty care and expanding its Diabetes preventive care.

The generous response of donors has made the clinic’s goal for providing ancillary care on Wednesdays a reality. And, with additional funding from Islamic Relief USA, the clinic will be adding ophthalmology services as well. Furthermore, the strong year-end response also helps clinic administrators begin thinking seriously about adding onsite phlebotomy (laboratory) services to better support its patients.