Letters to the Editor: Maybe F.C. Should Try Living Within Its Means

Letters to the Editor: December 26, 2019 – January 1, 2020

Maybe F.C. Should Try Living Within Its Means


My husband and I want to weigh in on proposed changes to the previously approved construction project at the corner of Broad and Washington. We are not fundamentally opposed to a new Whole Foods store, although we do not believe Whole Foods lives up to its hype. However, we are opposed to extreme traffic congestion at an already-busy intersection and emphatically oppose the negative impact on Thompson Italian and Clare & Don’s, two businesses which have made large investments in Falls Church, and which contribute greatly to the charm of living here.

It’s just not right to harm local entrepreneurs, or potentially drive them out of business, all for the sake of an insatiable appetite for tax revenue. I understand the proposed project includes lots of apartments, which means more people using services, which results in the need for more tax revenue. It’s a never-ending cycle.

I realize things change; however, new is not always better, a bunch of chain stores and restaurants are not necessarily more desirable than individually-owned businesses, and sometimes it makes sense for the city to live within its means, rather than constantly chasing tax dollars and destroying a lovely residential environment in the process.

Susan K. Patchett

Falls Church

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