Letters to the Editor: Whole Foods is Not Worth Hurting 2 F.C. Restaurants

Letters to the Editor: December 12 – 18, 2019

Whole Foods is Not Worth Hurting 2 F.C. Restaurants


Once again changes are proposed for a development already-approved by the Falls Church City Council. Insight now wants changes to the Broad-Washington plan.

They want to acquire the City-owned parking space adjacent to their property so they can build more apartments and a 50,000-square-foot supermarket. This would probably mean that Clare and Don’s Beach Shack and Thompson Italian restaurant would be driven out of business if they lose their parking for the period of construction. This is dreadful.

Clare and Don’s is a fixture in Falls Church. When the Thompsons took a lease on their fairly new restaurant did they expect to lose the parking?

We have a Whole Foods market 2.5 miles from the proposed new one! I would much rather keep Clare and Don’s and Thompson in business than have another supermarket in this area. But the City of Falls Church thinks it is OK to kick two well-known and respected business out after all that they have done for this community.

Attention Insight, if you ruin these two businesses, I won’t shop in your Whole Foods!

E. Bogdanoff

Falls Church

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