‘Buskapade’ Goes Indoors at Famille Cafe on Saturday

LARRY RICE (left) hangs with students Harrish (middle) and Taarun during one of his usual outdoor Buskapades in 2018. (Photo: Courtesy Larry Rice)

Local music teacher Larry Rice will be showcasing his students’ talents this Saturday at his first indoor “buskapade” at Famille Cafe.

A multi-instrumentalist string musician, Rice has become a fixture at the Falls Church farmer’s market for busking and is inviting some of his students to do the same. The concerts are free and his students get to keep the tips.

“I do a recital once a year with my students at Clare and Don’s [Beach Shack] but the idea of playing in front of other people like this and make a little bit of money gets them excited,” said Rice.

Rice opened Little House Studio in 2007 out of his own house after 25 years working a day job. A quick study in learning instruments, Rice offers instruction in banjo, guitar, bass, mandolin, fiddle/violin and ukulele.

“I love teaching and it’s very rewarding to me to see the kids grow and to get yourself confident in getting in front of people and people will see students having fun,” said Rice.

While many of Rice’s students are children as is par for the course, the Little House Studio has some adult pupils and he prefers the multi-generational vibe of his concerts. As someone who added the fifth and sixth instruments of his repertoire — mandolin and ukulele — only a decade ago, Rice can certainly appreciate the ability of someone to learn later in life.

With daughter Lea Mae, former student Holly Rose Webber and associate Chris Bugmore, Rice is also a member of the Big Cheese band that performs locally. He describes his band’s style as Americana with Bruce Springsteen’s late work, Don Henley, the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons as influences.

As for his teaching, Rice caters to whatever his students want to learn whether classical, hard rock, or anything in between. The three-hour buskapade (a self-invented spoonerism of “Busk” and “Ice Capade”) will consist of twelve 15-minute concerts and the set list will be very eclectic ranging from folk tunes to classical to songs by Green Day and Bon Jovi.

This is the first partnership with Rice and the Famille Café and if the format works well, he hopes to bring it back next year.

The concert will be from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Famille Café at 700 West Broad Street.