Another Rabid Raccoon Found in Falls Church

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Last week, a raccoon suffering from rabies was euthanized by police on W. Columbia St., the second incident in as many months in the City of Falls Church.

City of Falls Church Police report that the animal was put down on Friday, Nov. 15 in the 300 block of W. Columbia St. area and the Fairfax County Health Department confirmed yesterday, Nov. 19, that the raccoon was suffering from rabies. Police report that there was no human exposure to the animal.

The is the second incident of a raccoon with rabies in the City in recent months. Last month on Oct. 4, a rabid raccoon was euthanized by police near Lea Court and S. Spring St. There was no human exposure to the raccoon in that incident as well.

Officials issued a reminder that rabies is endemic to the area and citizens are advised to:

• Note that rabies is a serious disease caused by a virus that can infect wildlife, especially raccoons, foxes, skunks and bats and domestic animals such as dogs and cats, especially feral cats. Birds and reptiles cannot contract rabies and are not a threat for that disease. Rabies is in the saliva of infected animals and can be spread through a bite, scratch or exposure to saliva and brain and central nervous tissue.

• Rabid animals may act normal during the early stages of the disease and sometimes it can be hard to detect, however animals that appear to be staggering, drooling or appear paralyzed are suspect. Wildlife that appear to be overly friendly or showing signs of distress should also be avoided.

• Be aware of the abundance of wildlife in our area and understand that the wildlife in our area coexist very well. Most of the wildlife population is healthy.

• Never feed stray animals or wildlife or leave pet food out on your property. Clean up excess bird food on the ground which draws in rats and other small mammals and birds. Do not attempt to rehabilitate wildlife. Do not foster wildlife in your yard or home.

• Vaccinate your dogs and cats and make sure their vaccinations are up to date.

• Never allow your pets (especially cats) to roam unattended.

• Seal up any openings in your house so that wildlife cannot enter.

Police ask the community to report suspicious wildlife and any animal bites or scratches to the Falls Church Police Department’s non-emergency line, 703-241-5053 (TTY 711).