2024-05-21 12:03 PM

Impeachment & The Human Spirit

It came as such a surprise. I don’t mean the decision by Nancy Pelosi and her House Democrats to announce an impeachment inquiry against President Trump Tuesday, a signal event that marked the date, September 24, 2019, as arguably the most significant until now in the entire unhappy era of Trump.

No, it was instead the instant transformation that came over me upon hearing the news. It was an amazing sense of exhilaration, and it is still there. I didn’t expect it, and don’t think that countless others who felt the same thing did either.

Yes, at last officially accused of high crimes and misdemeanors is the evil Donald Trump, who could deserve honors as one of the most thorough-going sociopathic crooks in America, much less in the White House, except that no one should feed his ego with such a characterization.

What a tremendous relief! In the way that only the already-famous staredown of Trump this week by teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg could match, the party in the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives has struck a huge blow against Trump for the sake of all humanity.

It is not for the reasons the major media, which has already become disassembled by the usual cacophony of contending voices blurring and obfuscating the truth, contends.

It is not for the substance of the latest Trump transgression, the Mafia-like shakedown of the leader of a foreign nation on behalf of his personal interests using the threat of withholding millions in military aid. This is just the latest of a myriad of his crimes.

It is for the reason of liberating the suppressed spirits of the masses of us who’ve been acutely aware of this man’s horrible and deliberate crimes against humanity, against decency and against the very democratic institutions upon which this nation functions.

This move has set our psyches free! Now, every time the name of this man is mentioned it will carry with it the formal charge of accused criminal, the shamefully impeached one.

True, his lapdogs in the Senate will undoubtedly block a formal impeachment verdict. But from now on they do so at their own severe peril. The spirit of the American Revolution has been aroused in the public. It is going to rally with a renewed energy the core spirit of liberty and fairness in the U.S. population in a way more explosive that has been seen since Trump has been around.

The weight of the case against Trump that is now accelerating will include more than the contents of the latest abuse of power represented by Trump’s extortion against the president of Ukraine.

In fact, the major case against Trump is contained in that magnificent volume known as the Mueller Report. All the efforts of Robert Mueller’s two year investigation will now come to full flower.

All the well documented grounds for the indictment and prosecution of the President contained in that report will be brought out afresh, just as the report was designed to do. As Mueller acted within the constraints of a questionable ruling against indicting an existing president, he states clearly in his report that its contents are designed to be used to carry out a Congressionally-mandated impeachment.

But most importantly, whatever happens in the give and take along the official corridors of power as the impeachment process proceeds, the American people have all they now need to rise up with a renewed sense of empowerment and zeal to render electoral justice against every elected official who has enabled this most incredibly horrible chapter in our nation’s history.

Typically, Trump’s reaction has been entirely unapologetic and with threats of gaining political advantages from the impeachment process. That’s been in keeping with his mode of operation his entire crime-riddled life.

But the rules have changed now, even if he’s not aware of it. He is going to get creamed by the cumulative effect of all the transgressions of his life that have built up and will now come crashing down.

Don’t listen to the dissemblers. Listen to your heart and those of all the true souls that aspire.

Nicholas Benton may be emailed at nfbenton@fcnp.com.





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