Hole in the Wall Site Bought for $725K by Business Neighbor

The former site of Hole in the Wall Books, which shuttered at the end of last month after 40 years of business, was purchased by David Yeakel, Jr., an attorney who owns a practice next door to the former used bookstore on W. Broad St.

In a copy of the deed acquired by the News-Press, Hole in the Wall owner James Nally sold his lot to Yeakel of Yeakel and Associates for $725,000 on July 19, 2019. The lot was assessed at $483,000, though market values for real estate in the area have been skyrocketing due to the Founders Row development up the street and the regional impact of Amazon’s plans for a second headquarters in neighboring Arlington.

Yeakel now owns three of the five lots in the 900 block of W. Broad St. just down the road from the under-construction Founders Row. That includes 909 W. Broad St., which Jess Haircuts sits on, along with the former Hole in the Wall lot and the lot for his own firm. The News-Press reached out to Yeakel about his plans for the former Hole in the Wall site but did not receive a response.