Letters to the Editor: Does the City Look at Traffic Impact of Projects?

Letters to the Editor: August 29 – September 4, 2019

Does the City Look at Traffic Impact of Projects?


As I navigate my way through ever unfolding construction and road closures in the city, I can’t help but wonder if part of the city’s planning commission for large multi-use projects includes traffic impact studies. As an example, the new development underway at the intersection of West and Broad streets goes right up to the edge of the road making it impossible for lanes to be added. And there was no attempt to straighten the curve in West St. as part of the master plan.

This development will clearly add to the density of residents and visitors resulting in increased traffic and congestion on the existing infrastructure. And it’s not just traffic flow but space for delivery trucks that plague current traffic by blocking lanes on major arteries around the city every day.

I’m wondering, what is the city’s approach to traffic planning for this and future developments?

Diane Mularz

Falls Church

Where is the ‘New & Improved’ Bike Crossing?


What’s up with the bike path crossing N. West St. next to Founders Row?

I thought we were promised the crossing would be improved, maybe straightened?

The new crossing is just like the old crossing.

Chris Norloff

Falls Church

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