Letters to the Editor: We’ll Get What We Deserve If Virginia Dems Win Control

Letters to the Editor: August 22 – 28, 2019

We’ll Get What We Deserve If Virginia Dems Win Control


Marcus Simon’s Richmond Report in last week’s paper certainly gives some interesting ideas for what Virginia will look like in 2020 if the Democrats flip control of the house. Among them:

Virginia’s poorest will be hardest hit by Greenhouse Gas Initiatives that work to replace cheap energy with expensive renewals. Included in this will be a wealth transfer to Virginians who want subsidized solar panels for their homes.

Businesses will fail, jobs will be lost and hours will be cut under a $15 minimum wage initiative. Why bother learning the lessons from what we’ve already seen happen in Seattle, San Francisco, and New York?

While not incarcerating people for marijuana possession definitely has appeal, we can also expect one side effect that is easily observed in places like Portland and Seattle — the smell of marijuana smoke being everywhere in public, including the parks where our children play.

That’s just a few of Simon’s visions for the commonwealth. To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, if Virginians decide Democrat control of our legislature is what we want, we’ll get what we deserve and get it good and hard.

Jeff Walyus


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